1. Position Objective

Early Learning in Dietetics Tutor
Task List
Position Objective
To facilitate student learning through the Master of Dietetics Early Learning
Programme, resulting in satisfactory completion of the Year One placement
To ensure the success of the programme at the local level by liaising between Otago
University and local contributors.
To contribute to the on-going development of course materials.
Key Tasks for the position
Performance will be considered satisfactory when
in their practical experience
Students’ learning is encouraged and enabled in practical
through tutorials.
Students’ learning is encouraged and enabled in well-
planned and executed tutorials.
Provide feedback and assess
students’ completion of their
practical activities.
Students receive timely, relevant, constructive formative
and summative feedback, given in a positive manner.
Assist in the development of
course materials.
Course materials and placement arrangements for the
year one Dunedin-based programme are developed in a
timely manner and reflect accepted pedagogy and
competency development requirements.
Assist with assessment.
Provide formative and summative assessment of student
Early Learning in Dietetics placement activities.
Undertake assessment of written assignments and exam
Contribute own specialist
area to the Programme.
Own areas of dietetic expertise are contributed to the
lecture, tutorial and placement programme.
Learning facilitation follows principles of adult learning
consistent with University policy.
Liaise with local dietitians,
health service and food
service managers and the
wider community promoting
the Dietetic Programme
A positive Programme profile is maintained with local
dietitians and the wider local community.
Practical programme arrangements for placement
dietitians are planned with the Senior Placement Tutor.
Tutor contributes to enhancing the Programme’s
relationship with placement providers.
Undertake professional self-
Own competency is maintained by active participation in
the profession’s ContPrograinuimme
ng Competence
A positive professional role model is provided for
students. Tutor develops education as a scope of practice.
Key Tasks for the position
Performance will be considered satisfactory when
Contribute regularly to
programme reviews
Constructive feedback is given to the review of the
placement and formal learning sessions.
Supervise students’ Professional supervision is provided to students

outpatient counselling
undertaking Dietetic counselling.
Participate in the regular
Dietetic tutor meetings
An active contribution is made to tutor meetings.
Student Support
Positive feedback is received from students about tutor’s
accessibility, sensitivity to the demands on students,
responsiveness to their needs and provision of advice.

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