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Te Whare Wananga o Otago
Student Records Officer
Student Records Office, Student Administration
Academic Services
Prime responsibility for maintaining the academic records of students of the University to the
highest standard of accuracy and in compliance with programme regulations.
Provide high levels of administrative support systems and procedures in an accurate and timely
manner and to give information and advice to the Academic Divisions, the wider University and
its clients.
To deputise, as required for the Group Leader
To administer, maintain and monitor the academic records of students in the areas of admission
to the University, courses, examinations, qualifications and awards in a way that ensures
accuracy, security, accessibility and permanence of information held in the Student Records
Office on behalf of the University.
To provide support and accurate advice
on matters related to student’s academic record to
Divisions, Departments and students and to assess all programmes are in compliance with the
Regulations as set out in the University Calendar.
To proactively promote consistency and continuity of practice associated with academic records
with the Academic Divisions and across the University as a whole.
To maintain a comprehensive knowledge of all Degree and Diploma Regulations offered within
the University.
To carry out all the activities courteously, within agreed timeframes and in such a manner as to
provide a high standard of service to the Division, the wider University and its clients.
To make a full contribution to the overall outputs of the Office through effective teamwork.
To contribute to the Strategic Planning of Academic Services by development, implementation
and refinements of processes within the Student Records Office.
Academic Programme Maintenance
To monitor the academic records of students of the University and assess that the programme of
study (particular for those students expecting to complete a qualification in the current year)
meets University Regulations in respect of the program/s. To address any issues identified with
the appropriate Division/Department and where necessary the student.
To maintain the academic records in a way that ensures accuracy, consistency, security,
accessibility and permanence of information.

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To check and remove any graduation history from the academic record of a student who has
failed to complete the qualification expected to be completed in the current year.
To check students have met any prerequisites and or co-requisite for papers before continuing
study, and where an issue is identified to bring this to the attention of the student/division.
To record and check the details of the admission of students to specific programmes and where
necessary refer any issues to the appropriate Division/Department.
To give assistance in the process and administration of advising intending students, particularly
in respect to admission with credit or graduates status for qualifications.
To assist with the retrieval of academic records for transferring students and to forward them to
the appropriate division/department of assessment.
To monitor and annotate to the students academic record accurately and in a timely manner with
all information regarding admission to the University, admission to a programme, approved
credit and any course variations approved by the Divisions and or Departments.
To check all official transcripts and statements requested by students for accuracy and
completeness prior to release.
Academic Progress Policy
To identify transferring students, retrieve and assess all academic records for previous study else
where and if appropriate refer them to the Designated Adviser of Study, (Manager of Student
All students that fall within the Policy are sent letter confirmation of their academic progress
Monitor the enrolment of students under Conditional status ensuring that they have course
approved with the Designated Adviser of Study and were a problem exists refer them to the
Divisional Office.
Monitor all students on APP and were a problem exists refer them to the appropriate
Department/Division/Manager Student Administration.
To manage and ensure results are accurately recorded and collected for all students within agreed
time frames.
To give assistance and advice to Departmental Administrators in co-ordination of uploading final
examination results to ATS application.
To assess the return of result proof lists to ensure all results are returned in accordance with
examination procedures.
To provide assistance to the Examinations Group.
To assess the
eligibility of an student’s
to have a Final Examiapplination Onlcy
abetifore o
forwarding to the Department for approval.
To assess and confirm that all graduating students are eligible to graduate in the requested
ceremony. Where an issue is identified to liaise with the Graduation Office and the student.
To assist and liaise with the Graduation Office to ensure that all students completing
qualifications in the current year receive appropriate information concerning graduation.
To assist at Graduation ceremonies. (normally a Saturday)
To ensure degree certificates are accurate and correct.
To assist with the checking to ensure the accuracy of the Graduation Booklets prior to print.
To make recommendations when appropriate as part of a practice of continual improvement in
the graduation process.

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Assist with other graduation activities carried out within Student Records Office.
To give advice and assistance to Divisional and Departmental Administrators and Students in
regard to problems with programmes, enrolments, results and graduation and to ensure that all
enquiries are appropriately resolved in a timely manner..
Ensure that all Departments and students receive consistent and accurate information relating to
University procedures and program regulations.
To assist with the administration of the Academic Progression Policy and to advise the Group
Leader, Departments and student in matters relating to the policy.
Deputising for, and assisting the Group Leader with tasks in the management of all the activities
carried out in the Student Records Office. When deputising, the Administrator is authorised to
exercise all the appropriate and relevant functions, duties and powers of the Group Leader.
To make recommendations and assist with forward planning of procedures and processes within
the Student Records Office
To use University handbooks and other resource materials in providing high quality service to
Students and Divisions.
To maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the regulations pertaining to qualifications offered by
the University
To maintain an up-to-date procedure manual for the administration.
Other administrative duties as may be required
Directly responsible to:
Leader, Student Records Office
Supervision of:
Casual Staff
Functional relationships with:
Divisional and Departmental Administrators and staff
Manager Student Administration
The University Information Centre
Enrolment Officers
Staff members of Student Administrations
Academic Services staff
Students of the University
Information Technology Services
The International Office
Not applicable

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Positive and effective contribution to a working environment that encourages effective,
supportive and collaborative activity in the Student Records Office leading to high staff morale
and effective work outputs.
Deadlines for administrative interaction with the wider University are met.
Students are kept informed of matters affecting their course of study.
Advice delivered to students and Divisions is accurate, timely and sensible.
Student Records administrative systems are monitored, regularly reviewed and improved upon,
and new systems developed as necessary.
Student Central database is monitored, accurate and kept up-to-date.
Promote communication among members of the Academic Services, Departments, Schools, and
Divisions and liaise effectively with external parties.
All finalist and graduation course checking is accurate and completed within agreed time frames.
Previous experience in tertiary administration is desirable, preferably at a Department level.
A university graduate, or substantial progress towards a degree, would be desirable.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
A high level of computer literacy and experience using word processing programmes, database
software, spreadsheets and competence in accessing large central databases.
Excellent organisation skills with the ability to initiate and prioritise tasks without direction and
to exercise a high-level of judgement.
An ability to work accurately to tight deadlines with competing demands.
A professional approach to customer service.
The ability to problem solve and negotiate.
The ability to work independently and as a member of a team as required.
The commitment and desire to develop and maintain effective working relationships with team
members, other staff in the Division, and clients.
The ability to accept and respond positively to change.
An understanding of, or the ability to acquire an understanding of the New Zealand tertiary
education systems and of the administrative and academic requirements of the University.
The following skills would be desirable:
o Experience with PC computers.
o Knowledge of University degree regulations and its structure and operations.
o Experience of advising students on degree and course requirements.

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