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Sidebars are a narrow region that appears on the right hand side. Useful for tips, requirements or other notes. It appears that the sidebar is one-per-wiki rather than one-per-page.


The description area is where you acutally put the content.


If you have problems with formatting, you may need to remove the wysiwyg checkbox down the bottoms to deal with the raw HTML. One thing - never, never, paste in text directly from Microsoft Word as Word adds a whole mess of mark up to the HTML. If you need to use text from Word, you can paste it into Notepad then copy and paste into DocuShare. You'll lose the formatting, but it's a lot less frustrating than trying to undo Word's mess!


There is a syntax - most of the time you'll use the wysiwyg editor for things like heading etc., but to do things like links you'll need to know that you use double square brackets around the page title another wiki page, or curly braces with the word image followed by the document handle, if you want to show an image inline. Note that the double square brackets is also how you create a new page in this wiki - when you save the current page, you will see the link to the new page with a question mark after it, which shows the page has not yet been defined.


If you click the wysiwyg check box off, you'll see the syntax in a sidebar to the right.


So, what are wiki's good at?


looking good herre....